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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Are groups of young people travelling alone allowed in the campsite?

Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust is a family campsite. Young people under the age of 23 are not allowed on the campsite without parental guidance.

Are pets allowed in the park?

Pets are allowed in the park if they are on a leash. Pets are allowed on all camping pitches. In the chalets and hotel suites, it is indicated per accommodation whether pets are allowed. Around the park there is an outlet with poop bags. We kindly request you to clean up the feces yourself. The pet stays overnight in the accommodation or camping means and should not be left alone. The overnight stay of a pet costs €9.00 per night. Dogs are allowed on the beach.

Can I also follow you on social media?

You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Instagram: @dezeeuwsekust



Facebook: Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust

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                  Strandclub Horizon

Can I have my mail delivered during my stay?

You can! Make sure that your name and accommodation is on the package. Please let reception know by phone or email that the package is on its way, so they can receive it.

Can family/friends visit the park?

If your friends and/or family want to visit Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust, that's no problem at all. They can park their car in the large car park. If they want to use the swimming pool and spray park, they can buy a ticket for €7.50 per person at the reception.

How can I reach you?

Our address is Helleweg 8, 4326 LJ Renesse/Noordwelle.

You can reach us at +31(0)111468282 and at

How does the licence plate registration work?

The car's registration number can be registered via 'My Area'. The barrier will open automatically when you are in front of it. A maximum of five license plates can be registered per guest account. One car can be inside the barrier.

How far is it from the park to the centre of Renesse?

The centre of Renesse is 2.5 km from the park.

I am staying at Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust, can I bring a guest?

There is a maximum of 6 persons per pitch. If this maximum is not exceeded, someone can come and stay with you. For the costs of the extra person please contact the reception.

I cannot log in to My Area, what should I do?

Please send an e-mail to so that we can find a solution.

I forgot my password for My Area, what can I do?

Click on 'Wachtwoord vergeten?' and a new password will be sent to the e-mail address we have on record.

I have forgotten my My Area username, what can I do?

The user name is the e-mail address known to us.

I want to enter the campsite with two cars, is that possible?

One car may be parked on the pitch, unless the chalet has a second parking space. If this is not the case, the second car has to be parked on the general car park.

Is there wifi at the park?

Yes, there is an open WiFi network available at the park. Please note that it has a limited speed.

What if there is an emergency and the reception is closed?

In case of emergency call the police, fire service and/or ambulance to 112. Then also inform the reception desk via 0031 (0)111 - 468282, so that they can provide assistance where necessary.

What is the fastest way to get to the beach?

The beach is 250 metres from the park. Through the chalet park you cross the Rampweg to reach the beach via the dune passage.

What time should it be quiet in the park?

After 23:00 it should be quiet and peaceful in the whole park.

Where can I find the map of the park?

The map can be found on our website and in our app.

Where is Hotel De Zeeuwse Kust located?

Hotel De Zeeuwse Kust is located on Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust, on the right-hand side of the main building. Look at the offer for all suites.


Are there dishwashers and a laundry room?

There are dishwashers in the sanitary facilities. These can be used free of charge. The launderettes are also located in the sanitary blocks. The washing machine adds detergent, so you do not have to do this yourself. A washing machine coin costs €6 and a drying coin €2.50 each. These are available at the reception.

Does the campsite have pre-season and post-season pitches?

We have an after-summer arrangement from 28.8 to 2.10 and winter camping from 29.10 to 18.3.

How large are the camping pitches?

The pitches are approximately 10 meters by 10 meters.

How many power can I use?

Every pitch has 16 ampere of electricity.

Where can I empty my chemical toilet?

The chemical toilet can be emptied at the disposal point, which is located near the sanitary building.

Where can I find the campercleaner?

Both sanitary buildings are equipped with a CamperClean device. You place the full toilet cassette in the device, it is completely cleaned and provided with new chemical toilet fluid. This costs only €2.50 a time.

Where can I refill and/or replace my gas cylinders?

At Mol Schuddebeurs you can buy new gas cylinders or exchange them.

Mol Schuddebeurs; Kloosterweg 11A, Noordgouwe and can be reached at telephone number +31 (0)111 - 453 330.

Gas bottles can be filled at Gasvulstation Zeelanderij; Trambaan 21, Zonnemaire and can be reached at +31 (0)111 - 401 424.


Are bed linen and towel packages included with the rental accommodations?

If you stay in the rental accommodations, sheet packages are included. These will be ready for you upon arrival. Towels can be booked extra.

Can the car be parked at the accommodations?

At the campsite it is allowed to park one car at the spot. There is a parking space near the chalets where you can park your car. If you stay at the hotel you can park the car next to the hotel, the parking places are numbered which are the same as your hotel room number. If you are with several cars, you can park the other cars in the large parking lot.

Do you also rent cots/high chairs?

We can place a cot/high chair in your accommodation. The costs per cot/chair are €10,- per stay; with a deposit of €25,- per piece. If you are staying at the hotel, we can place them for free.

Is it possible to order room service from the hotel room?

You can order room service when you stay at the hotel. You can find this card in your hotel folder or in the restaurant.

Arrival & departure

From what time can we check in?

Camping: 13:00 hours

Hotel: 14:00 hours

Accommodation: 15:00 hours

How do I open my accommodation?

The accommodation can be opened by using your phone. Log on via the app 'Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust' and make sure that the bluetooth and location are switched on on your phone. Then press the access button and hold your phone against the doorknob. The door will open.

Is a flexible arrival or departure day possible?

A flexible check-in time is possible if the accommodation is already available and clean. You will then receive a message in the app. You can check in via the app. It is possible to park the car at the general car park and use the facilities all day. In the early and late season we have flexible arrival and departure days for the campsite and the chalets. In the high season we only book per week. For the hotel it is possible to arrive or depart every day.

Is it also possible to check out later?

If the availability allows this, this is possible! The costs for a late check-out are € 25. You may then use your accommodation or camping pitch until 5 p.m. You can inquire about this with our reception staff.

Until what time can I arrive?

In principle, you can drive straight through to the site/accommodation by means of the registration number and you no longer have to go through reception. The barriers work from 07:00 to 23:00. If you have any questions you can, of course, also go to reception. The reception is open until 17:00 in low season and until 20:00 in high season. If you still have questions, you can visit the restaurant until 22:00.

Until what time can we check out?

Accommodation: 10:00 hours

Hotel: 11:00 hours

Camping: 12:00 hours

What should I do before I stay with you?

Before you arrive, please download our app "Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust" from the appstore. Here you can already enter the photos for the facial recognition and the license plate, so you don't have to do this during your stay. In this app you can also find all information about your reservation.

Facilities & opening hours

Are there lockers in the pool?

In the swimming pool there are lockers, which can be used with a self-chosen code. Here goes €1.00 and you get it back after opening the locker.

Can I have breakfast in the restaurant?

When you stay at the hotel, breakfast is included. You are not staying at the hotel, but would like to have breakfast? Please contact the reception for more information.

Can I organise a party at Restaurant DOK or La Costa?

Both restaurants offer various possibilities for family celebrations, reunions, birthdays or cosy dinners. For every occasion you can come to us. We are also an official wedding location where you can say 'I do' on one of our beautiful roof terraces with a view of the dunes. For more information about the possibilities please contact us via

Do you have an ATM?

There is a ATM machine at the reception. This can be used during the reception's opening hours.

Do you have electric charging stations?

There are four charging points for electric cars in the general car park.

Do you rent out bicycles?

It is possible to rent bicycles. A bicycle costs €9,- per day and a children's bicycle €5,- per day. You pay €25,- deposit per bike and the bikes cannot be reserved in advance.

Does the campsite have cycle and walking routes?

At the reception, you can get a bike junction map of Schouwen-Duiveland for €1,- and of North Zeeland for only €5,-.

I am not staying at the park. Can I use the facilities?

You certainly can! Only outside the holiday weekends and holidays is it possible to use the swimming pool for €7.50 per person.

I have already checked out, can I still use the campsite facilities?

On the day of arrival and departure, you can use the park facilities all day. The car and/or camping equipment can be parked in the general car park.

I have visitors, can they also use the swimming pool?

You certainly can! A day ticket costs € 7.50 per person.

I would like to take away food. How does it work?

Order from 12:00 and before 20:00 and choose your own pick-up time. After making the order, it can be picked up in the snack bar after one hour.

I would like to use the midget golf course. How does it work?

The midget golf course is open daily and is located on the left-hand side of Hotel De Zeeuwse Kust. Clubs, balls and scorecards can be borrowed from reception for a deposit of €20.

I would like to use the tennis court. How does this work?

The tennis court is located behind the general car park and is open all day. If you have not brought your tennis rackets and balls, you can borrow them at the reception for a €20 deposit.

If we want to eat in one of the restaurants, do we have to make a reservation?

We recommend you to reserve a table, so you are assured of a table. You can reserve a table via the website or the app. The restaurant can be reached at +31(0)111-463850 and

Is there a cinema?

There is a children's cinema in the main building. Various films are shown here throughout the day.

Is there a football field?

The football pitch is located next to the general car park at the beginning of the park.

Is there a supermarket in the park?

There is a mini-market in the main building. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in low season and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in high season.

Is there an air trampoline available?

Behind the Wizzlclub is the air trampoline. This can be used from 09:00 to 21:30.

Until what time is the gate open?

The gate is open from 07:00 to 23:00. If you arrive later than 23:00, you can park your car in the general car park next to the drive and continue on foot.

The gate at the front of the road is accessible 24 hours and opens automatically with the license plate. If you want to leave the park before 07:00 or after 23:00, you can park your car in the general car park beforehand. Then drive your car to just before the gate, which will open automatically.

What time is the reception open?

For all questions and/or comments, please contact the reception. The reception is open in the low season from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and in the high season from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If the reception is closed, you can go to the restaurant. 

When is Strand Café DOK open?

Strand Café is open all year round from 08:00. From 08:00 to 10:30 hours breakfast can be enjoyed. From 12:00 to 16:00 hours for lunch and only for drinks and dinner.

When is the Italian restaurant (La Costa) open?

The restaurant La Costa has changing opening days, depending on the season. You can find the current opening hours on our website and in the app.

When is the swimming pool open?

The swimming pool is open all year round from 08:00 to 20:00. The play chip and spray park open at 09:00. As the spray park is outside, the spray park will be closed in bad weather. Don't forget to upload the photos for the face recognition in "My Area"?

When is there an entertainment team present?

An entertainment team is present during holidays and holiday periods. Click here for the exact dates and activities.

Where can I see the menu?

You can view the menu in the app.


Reservation & payment

Can I choose my own pitch/accommodation?

Yes, you can! Choosing your own accommodation or pitch costs € 15.00. This way you cannot be transferred to another pitch or accommodation. You can do this by ticking the box "I would like to choose my own pitch on the map" while booking on the website.

Can I take out cancellation insurance?

If you have not concluded cancellation insurance and wish to cancel the reservation, this is done in accordance with the conditions of the RECRON sector association. In case of premature departure (e.g. bad weather, illness etc.) there will be no refund. Below you will find the conditions and you can calculate the premium. In case of cancellation the holiday maker pays a compensation to the entrepreneur.

This amounts to:

  • In case of cancellation more than three months before the starting date, 15% of the agreed price.
  • In case of cancellation within three to two months before the commencement date, 50% of the agreed price.
  • In case of cancellation within two to one months before the commencement date, 75% of the agreed price.
  • In case of cancellation within one month before the commencement date, 90% of the agreed price.
  • In case of cancellation on the day of the commencement date, 100% of the agreed price.

You can take out cancellation insurance for your holiday at the same time as you make your booking or else no later than one week after the booking date. The policy is administered by

During holidays, I can only book for a certain period at the campsite. Can I also book an individual night?

No, in some periods we use an arrangement. For example at Easter, Ascension, Pentecost. In these periods only the whole package can be booked.

From what age does the site say my child is a baby and from when is it a child?

Up to the age of 2, a child is considered a baby. Children who are 3 years old or older are considered infants.

How can I extend or shorten my holiday?

Send an e-mail to or call +31(0)111468282.

How can I make a booking?

There are several ways to book. You can book with us online, by telephone or by e-mail.

How do I book more than one pitch or accommodation?

If you want to reserve several pitches or accommodations, you have to make separate reservations.

How do I pay my vacation?

After booking you will receive a booking confirmation from us. This also states the payment terms. You can pay for your booking by logging into the "My Area" or by making a bank transfer.

Is there a minimum stay?

In some periods we use an arrangement. For example: Easter, Ascension, Whitsun and Fronleichnam. In these periods only the whole package can be booked. In the summer holidays the minimum stay is 7 days. It is possible to arrive or leave the hotel every day.

When will I get my deposit back from my rented accommodation?

The deposit for an accommodation, or the remainder thereof, will be refunded no later than 14 days after departure. For this, your account number must of course be known to us.


Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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