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Did you know that at this moment you are in very special location? Probably you already know and maybe this was the deciding factor for a wonderful holiday in Zeeland. We have 32 unique selling Points (USP’s), and that’s a lot for just one province!

To enjoy your holiday even more we made a list of the best USP’s, such as local products, sights, nature and (beach)activities..

  • The most famous band from Zeeland is Bløf, the organizers of the annual music festival Concert At Sea located at the Brouwersdam.
  • De Kleine Schorre located in Dreischor is the biggest winefarm in The Netherlands. From May 15 till September 15 you can visit the winery every Wednesday for a guided tour.
  • Delicious products from Zeeland you should try: Zeeuwse babbelaars, bolussen, jutterbitter.
  • Also the Mussels from Zeeland, oysters and Oosterschelde lobster. In the season these delicious seasonal products will be served at Strand Café DOK!
  • The Delta Works; this impressive dam and barrier protects the coastline of Zeeland.
  • The largest nature park (35,000 hectares) of the Netherlands, the Oosterschelde, is a unique and dynamic place. Due to the ebb and flood and the presence of salt and fresh water the Oosterschelde is a unique habitat for thousands of birds and plants.
  • At the Flood Museum in Ouwerkerk is definitely worth a visit. The changing exhibitions of the devastating flood of Februari 1th in 1953
  • . Definitely worth a visit with the changing exhibitions. For the children there to experience fun educational things.
  • Watersnood op 1 februari 1953 en het daarbij horende Watersnoodmuseum in Ouwerkerk. Zeker een bezoekje waard met de wisselende tentoonstellingen. Ook voor de kinderen zijn er leuke educatieve dingen te beleven.
  • Sun Guaranteed! Zeeland has the most sun hours of the Netherlands; something that is certainly important on your vacation!
  • Zeeland; land in the sea!
  • The water sport paradise of the Netherlands! At the reception we will tell you the possibilities for sailing and surfing lessons, kite surfing clinics or a banana speedboat tour on the North Sea.
  • Neeltje Jans; Amazing expositions and stormy attractions. Would you like to see the Delta Works from the waterside? Join the boat tour!
  • An important part of the cultural past; the various costumes of Zeeland. You will discover this at Zeeuws Museum Middelburg.
  • Film By The Sea; a movie and literature festival located in Vlissingen. During this unique festival a 100 movies from all over the world will be showed.
  • The most clean beaches of the Netherlands. Something to be proud of! 



Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust werkt samen met de ZeelandPas. De ZeelandPas geeft in de hele provincie voordelen op het gebied van actieve bezigheden, cultuur, culinair en wellness, maar ook tijdens het winkelen! U kunt als gast tegen een gereduceerd tarief gebruik maken van diverse vervoersvormen zoals de Sightseeinbus, Zomerbus op Zuid- Buiveland, de Weterschelde Ferry, de Zonnetrein in Hulst en nog veel meer. 

De Zeelandpas kost € 4,- per stuk en is geldig vanaf 2 jaar. De pas is geldig van 01.03.'17 - 28.02.'18. U kunt de Zeelandpas kopen bij de receptie van Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust. 

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