Did you know that at this moment you are in very special location? Probably you already know and maybe this was the deciding factor for a wonderful holiday in Zeeland. We have 32 unique selling Points (USP’s), and that’s a lot for just one province!

To enjoy your holiday even more we made a list of the best USP’s, such as local products, sights, nature and (beach)activities..

  • The most famous band from Zeeland is Bløf, the organizers of the annual music festival Concert At Sea located at the Brouwersdam.
  • De Kleine Schorre located in Dreischor is the biggest winefarm in The Netherlands. From May 15 till September 15 you can visit the winery every Wednesday for a guided tour.
  • Delicious products from Zeeland you should try: Zeeuwse babbelaars, bolussen, jutterbitter.
  • Also the Mussels from Zeeland, oysters and Oosterschelde lobster. In the season these delicious seasonal products will be served at Strand Café DOK!
  • The Delta Works; this impressive dam and barrier protects the coastline of Zeeland.
  • The largest nature park (35,000 hectares) of the Netherlands, the Oosterschelde, is a unique and dynamic place. Due to the ebb and flood and the presence of salt and fresh water the Oosterschelde is a unique habitat for thousands of birds and plants.
  • At the Flood Museum in Ouwerkerk is definitely worth a visit. The changing exhibitions of the devastating flood of Februari 1th in 1953
  • . Definitely worth a visit with the changing exhibitions. For the children there to experience fun educational things.
  • Watersnood op 1 februari 1953 en het daarbij horende Watersnoodmuseum in Ouwerkerk. Zeker een bezoekje waard met de wisselende tentoonstellingen. Ook voor de kinderen zijn er leuke educatieve dingen te beleven.
  • Sun Guaranteed! Zeeland has the most sun hours of the Netherlands; something that is certainly important on your vacation!
  • Zeeland; land in the sea!
  • The water sport paradise of the Netherlands! At the reception we will tell you the possibilities for sailing and surfing lessons, kite surfing clinics or a banana speedboat tour on the North Sea.
  • Neeltje Jans; Amazing expositions and stormy attractions. Would you like to see the Delta Works from the waterside? Join the boat tour!
  • An important part of the cultural past; the various costumes of Zeeland. You will discover this at Zeeuws Museum Middelburg.
  • Film By The Sea; a movie and literature festival located in Vlissingen. During this unique festival a 100 movies from all over the world will be showed.
  • The most clean beaches of the Netherlands. Something to be proud of! 

The most fun dayattraction in Zeeland you will find here.